Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Weigh-In #6

I know that I just updated my weekly weigh-ins yesterday, but I was behind since my computer crashed.....and I weigh in every here's today'! I wasn't so sure how I was going to do this week since I had a big loss last week and you usually don't see that two weeks in a row. I worked all weekend in the freezing cold rain, didn't work out(NO excuse for that!!), was sick on Monday  so I didn't work out then either......and didn't eat the way I usually eat.....mainly stuck to soup.....and well the Super Bowl.....but that was technically my "cheat day" anyways! So......I made sure that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were absolutely perfect......I took Zumba class or ran.......and......yep......I did see a loss on the scale......not a big one, but after this's a loss and I'm a happy camper!!
-0.8 pounds.....Total loss: 18.8 pounds
Woo hoo!! Have to meet my short term goal of losing 15lbs by the Cooper River Bridge Run at the end of March.....14.2 more to go!! Gotta get moving!! Happy Friday everyone :)

Ringing in the New Year!!

When Jason and I talked about what we were doing for New Year's this year......there were a whole lot of factors that had to play into that decision. Since we've been together we've had some REALLY SUPER exciting New Years......for example......went to the Pour House to see Pat Rock play(that really was fun), the next year.....we saw a midnight showing of Avatar in IMAX 3-D, and another year I remember not feeling well and falling asleep before the clock struck twelve. So, as you can see......we are hard core partiers.......hahaha.....NOT!! So, because we've had such great New Year's, we wanted to make sure that this one (being newlyweds and all) was memorable. We knew that we were just going to be back from our honeymoon......which means it had to be on a budget. So......we decided......ROAD TRIP :) Hahaha.....Jason loves these......but at least this one was only half the time in the car because it was destination ATLANTA.
On the road again!!
We decided to take a very short weekend trip(again.....thanks to my work schedule) to visit one of my bff's and maid of honor Jamie and her husband Ben. We knew that we would have a good time with them and I was due a visit to the ATL to see her beautiful daughter Ella and especially since she travelled so much for my wedding. Here are a few pics of the weekend:
Ben and Jamie

Jason and I

We had a good New Year's dinner, and went back to the house to watch the Auburn bowl game.....of course if you know would know they schedule EVERYTHING around Auburn football :) Then Ben pulled out some fireworks.......we had a great time watching the fireworks and dodging the leftovers plummeting from the sky. I tried to get some pics......but I still have an amateur camera......and can see how they turned out!!

We had a great trip and visit with the Tortorice's and I hope that next time we are in the ATL area I can get see more of my friends, old coworkers, and athletes from my time spent in GA......because I do miss matter what you think :).......just need to extend our stay next time!!

My first Southern Christmas :)

This year was the first EVER that I was not able to go home for Christmas......kind of weird let me tell you.....but it was a great Christmas never the less!! Lesson learned: time to grow up and be an adult.....make sacrifices and comprises in marriage :) Anyways.......I was so excited to be a part of the Christmas traditions that Jason has been a part of for so long!! Christmas Eve we went to the Lee's house.(one of Chris's bff's) Every other year the Lee's and the Bean's alternate who is hosting Christmas Eve dinner. Here are a few pics from that fun night!!

Chris, Momma Smith, and I

Nick and Uncle J!

First Christmas married!!!!

We are just so cute........yes I'm bragging :)

We all enjoyed great company and food......played a little Dirty Santa(love was my first time)......and got to watch the kiddos open gifts!!

The next day we woke up and did our mini Christmas (it was light this year since we had just went on our honeymoon). We were able to relax for a while until it was time to get ready for the Smith's Christmas. On Christmas day all of the Smith's......and there are a lot of them......get together and enjoy catching up with family and the good food.....of course.(Not sure where my camera was.....but apparently NOT taking pics because I have none!!) We played another round of Dirty Santa.....and then got to watch all of the grandchildren open their gifts!

We had a great first "married" Christmas and can't wait to celebrate many more holidays with our friends and most importantly family!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nicole's 30th birthday!!

One of my long time friends from college turned 30 two days before Jason and I left to go on our honeymoon. I am SOOOO happy that we were able to be a part of celebrating this day with her.....because....let's be honest.....she has three kiddos and NEVER does she EVER do ANYTHING for herself anymore. I mean she is one of the least selfish mother's I have ever met!! So.....we hit up a local bar with one of our FAVORITE past times.....PATRICK ROCK(yes....we may have been a little obsessed with this band when we were in college). Here a some pics from her bday bash......well.....until my camera got abducted!! Here's to 30 years!! Love ya Nicole!!
Me and the bday girl!

Nicole and her hubby Michael

The four of us!

Kathy and Nicole

Bren(Mason's bro), April(Bren's gf), and Mason

Mason and her hubby

Rochester for Turkey Day!

Yep.....I'm still VERY behind......and promise to catch up ASAP!!! The whole computer thing is just NOT helping!! Well, those of you who know me know that I am originally from Rochester, NY and Jason was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. This makes the holidays a little difficult for both of us because obviously we both want to be with our families during the holidays AND be with each other.....and it's just not possible to do with 12 hours of driving in between. So.....we split holidays.....and this year because of my crazy work schedule and our postponed(thank you mother nature) honeymoon.....we did Thanksgiving in Rochester and Christmas in NC. One catch.......this was all a relatively last minute decision......and airfare was astronomically TRIP!! (Jason loves being in the car for 10-12 hours :) Here are a few pics of our trip!!

On the road after I had to cover a few practices before we left :)

Breakfast at Jine's with my parents......hello bed head J???
Every year for a while now, it has been tradition in our family to go and cut down our own Christmas tree. I was super excited this year because we were actually able to go and take part in the hunting and cutting for the second time since Jason and I have been together!!
Michael (my bro), Kathy (his girlfriend), Jason, and I sitting on the hay :)

Does live animals count as the whole live manger thing???

Jason and I

The sheep liked Michael!

And Jason.....

Michael and I on the tractor to get dropped off to start the search!

Jason and I

Mom, Michael, Kathy, and Dad

Me with the "wagon" to drag the tree back once we cut it down.

Found "the one".....Michael and Jason doing the dirty work!

Mom and I

The proud!

And the cheering section!

Bringing the tree to the pick up station!

Mom and Dad

We had a great, but short trip home and visit with the fam. I can't wait to go back and visit with all the friends and family we missed out on because it was such a short trip. If there's one thing (and I know it may not seem bad right now because this is only two months late!!) that I can remind all of's that when you think the holidays are crazy because you have to go to multiple houses for different friends and thankful that you can do that......and are able to spend time not matter how long or short the time is with them.

On another note......our drive home only took 16 HOURS because of traffic and accidents, etc.........what a nightmare.......but SOOO thankful for the time we were able to spend with my family.

Here are a few really awesome pictures of our extreme bordem while we were moving 10mph!!

Technical difficulties AND weigh in updates :)

For the past few weeks I have been dealing with some serious technical difficulties that has made me realize how much society now relies and resorts to computers, internet, electronics, etc. laptop died about two and a half weeks ago. I sat down to back up allllllll of my pictures and documents and as Murphy's law would have laptop made some really crazy crunchy noises, the screen went blank, and in old DOS typing said "Cannot locate operating system". Well, even for the technologically handicapped like me.......I knew that was not good. brother-in-law saved the day and was able to save all of my "stuff" on an external hard drive.(Thanks're the best :) So for now......I'm stuck in the office at the desktop blogging......which is not nearly as comfortable as the couch while being entertained by my husband or the TV, but oh well......this will have to do for now......until we can save up for a new one!! I'm just very happy and thankful that everything was able to be saved off of the laptop!!

So, because of these technical difficulties......I have neglected to update you on my last two weigh ins!!

Two weeks ago, on January 27th I hit my first low of this weight loss journey that I am finally dedicated too! I went into weight watchers, stepped on the scale......and BAM like a slap in the face they told me I had gained 2.6 pounds bringing my total loss down to 13.8. I immediately was so angry and frustrated because I knew there was no way that I had eaten or not exercised enough to have that result on the scale. When I tell you something has finally clicked this time around, I mean it.....and I've been working my butt off! So this.....only four weeks into my public weigh ins.....was not what I needed. I went to the meeting, and sat quietly while my frustrating stewed and all I could do was back track through my week and try to figure out what went wrong. I really couldn't even tell you what they were talking about in the meeting, but I was there and that's all that matters, right?!?! Some of you are probably reading this and thinking there are so many factors that go into weight loss......which with my profession, hopefully I am very aware of this.....however it does not make it any easier when I know how hard I had been working!

Factors that could have attributed to this gain:
1. Muscle weighs more than fat......I have increased my exercise intensity which is probably resulting in a gain of muscle......the scale does not decipher that!
2. Was I hydrated from the day before? I had worked out twice that day and probably did not hydrate myself enough to allow my body to do all of its normal functions.....such as.....
3. Time of the month......without a doubt caused the scale to increase for me every time.....and.....
4. I didn't go to the bathroom

Ok....may be TMI.....but I weigh in once a week.....that's it......and if all of these factors are not balanced out......I may not get the result I want. I ended up calling Jason and telling him how disappointed I was and being the best husband that he is.....he gave me encouraging words not to quit and get all worked up about one silly weigh in. I listened to him and it really did help.....then I went home and with a little frustration.....added 26 marbles back into my jar......ugh!!

Feb 3rd weigh in: Woo hoo!! So glad I did not quit!! I kept working all week......finally was able to get over the big disappointment from the week before and went to weigh in again!! This time I lost 4.2 pounds!!
Down 4.2 pounds.....woo loss: -18.0
I obviously felt MUCH better after this weigh in and know that I will not have the perfect weigh ins that I always want.......I am human......just have to keep on trucking!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here come the BABIES :)

I have a group of friends from college.....who yes were in my sorority Chi Omega :).......and all stay in touch with each other to this day. We all actually do realize and talk about how lucky we are to have a pretty good size group of girls that all get along really well, can travel together (some more than others), and have continued these friendships this far out of college and with distances ranging from NYC to NC. The past few years have been wedding overload for us.....with one in 2012 still (Yeah Kim and Lee!!)......but we ended 2011 celebrating the birth of our second Chi Omega baby!! Instead of having a traditional baby shower with all of us.....Terra decided to have a "Meet the baby" shower so that we could all meet her since we are spread out over the East coast. I thought this was a GREAT idea!! So almost everyone was able to come in town to meet Terra Rae's new baby girl Mary Kathryn. It was great to catch up with everyone and meet her baby girl!! So thankful for having great friends to go through every stage of life with :)

All of the girls at Terra Rae's mom's house for the shower :)

Dinner at Milner's in Winston with the girls after the shower!